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Campaigns that Shook the World – Book Review

Rita Skeeter came to mind often while reading Campaigns that Shook the World by Danny Rogers. Maybe my expectations were out, but I was expecting an in-depth look at some...


Tips for Great Smartphone Photography

We all know the benefits of great photography. According to a recent HubSpot study, tweets with images get 18% more click-though, and blog posts are shared twice as often. I...


Little Rice – Book Review

I’ve lived in two countries and spend a lot of time in a third, but they’re all rather homogenous. All are English-speaking and tech-enabled. Your phone runs either iOS or...


Four Things I Learned Running My First Google AdWords Campaign

Recently I ran my first Google AdWords campaign. OK, well technically not my first campaign. I ran lots of campaigns while working with Marchex a few years ago. This was...


Valuable Content Marketing – Book Review

Do you feel like you missed the boat with content marketing? For some, it’s a big change from previous marketing strategies. How can sharing your secrets and empowering your audience...


Learn social media from the best, for free, in your PJs

Working part-time for a nonprofit while studying this year means I’ve had no budget to learn social media, so I’m rather excited by Tuesday’s Connect via Hootsuite virtual conference. It’s...