Yes, your business can live without social media

If Coca-Cola had decided not to advertise on television in the 1940s, would we still be sipping an ice cold Coke today? Possibly, but it’s more likely Pepsi or another type of soda. Like with the advent of television (and each of the tools in the marketing communications tool kit), we take a risk in ignoring them.

In the context of social media, Gary Vaynerchuk describes it well in The Thank You Economy:

Right now, I’d say that social media is a bit like a kidney – you can survive with only one, but your chances to making it to old age are a lot better with two. Eventually, though, I think social media will be as important to a business as a strong heart beat.

The same as television, radio, newspapers and all our other tools before them.

Apologies for the late post. A little server issue took the site down on Thursday and Friday.

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