You’ve chosen the topic, installed WordPress, and are kind of thinking of the theme. But which plug-ins should you install? There are so many, and most do secret little behind-the-scenes things. Do you really need them? Maybe it’s from being “conditioned” by the speakers at WordCamp, but I tend to go light on plug-ins. I […]


Holy Flibbertigibbeting Goldfish, Batman! Six days ago we started a project that gave us content marketing magic. As of writing this post, Sunday afternoon, we have 557% Facebook reach with 62% engagement (to page likes), and it’s the sixth most popular page on our site this year. Just before the staff list. Since rejoining the […]


We all know how I refuse to think of non-profit organizations and marketing any differently than that of any company. However, I’m admitting to being a hypocrite because I’ll accept the discounts. To even the score, I’m sharing a few of the discounts from my favorite companies. Apologies for the North American slant here. Most […]


Earlier today Google released their newest Google Plus feature – Collections. When many journalists have been declaring the social media site’s death for months (usage stats prove the claim wrong), this is an audacious move. Many will claim is both the shot needed and a nail in the coffin. So what is Google Plus Collections? […]


I really don’t enjoy seeing brands that I detest doing great work. I just want to be justified in my hatred of them, but then they go and do something that I can’t help but admire: a great campaign. Here are some of the marketing campaigns that I hate to love.   Coca-Cola – Together: […]

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