The Macintosh WayIt seemed right that I finished reading The Macintosh Way on a bus home from work in a tech district, using my iPad. It explained why I found chapter 16 hilarious.

This is Guy Kawasaki’s first book, written soon after he left Apple and was on top of the world. It shows.

If you can look past the arrogant confidence in each chapter, you can find the story of how Apple built its loyal customer-base. Guy’s first-hand anecdotes of building relationships with suppliers and user groups are worth more than an MBA degree (which Guy would agree with). And best of all, Guy is giving this book away for free. If you want to buy a hard copy, Amazon has it available.

While the tips and stories are useful, his more recent books, will be easier read and have more depth. I still recommend reading The Macintosh Way for chapter 16. Guy gives dating advice – the t-shirt tech way. I have not laughed so much at a book for a long time. Check it out.