Some Great Marketing Books To Fill The Time

As you’ve seen, my commitment to weekly blogs hasn’t been going that well. It’s all for a good purpose though. I’m working on IABC/Seattle‘s new WordPress site. It will be live in a few weeks and I’ll be back to…
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Yes, your business can live without social media

If Coca-Cola had decided not to advertise on television in the 1940s, would we still be sipping an ice cold Coke today? Possibly, but it’s more likely Pepsi or another type of soda. Like with the advent of television (and…
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Is Maslow’s Hierarchy still relevant for internal communications?

It’s often said that the staple of behavioral psychology, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is irrelevant. In some ways I agree, however it’s a useful model for internal communications. For those who don’t know the theory, Maslow claimed that people move…
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Spring cleaning of the mind

Have you ever felt that you’re doing everything right but still not getting anywhere? Lately I have been in that situation. It was totally self-inflicted and affecting my productivity on everything. First I tried quitting coffee, but that didn’t work….
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