8 Seattle Companies Make the Love List

Earlier this year Hootsuite bought analytics company, UberVu, and now they’ve started sharing their beautiful research. This week they released the inaugural, monthly Love List Report. And it’s not even Valentine’s Day. The Love List measures how much social media love received…
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Share, Learn and Meet on facebook with TapDancingSpiders

Did you see it? In the top right menu? that new little facebook button. TapDancingSpiders is now on facebook. Woohoo! The facebook page has been a long time coming because I wanted to have a strong strategy behind it. There…
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Marketing Campaign Round-Up

When was the last time you saw a brilliant marketing campaign? How about a not-so-brilliant one? I’ve seen a few around Seattle that fit each category. First Aid Shot Therapy No one likes a migraine, or even a hangover. First Aid…
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