Marketing Campaign Round-Up

When was the last time you saw a brilliant marketing campaign? How about a not-so-brilliant one? I’ve seen a few around Seattle that fit each category. First Aid Shot¬†Therapy No...


Is Good Customer Service Good Enough?

In the last week I’ve experienced two poor customer service experiences. Both were takeaway food purchases gone wrong, and both companies ticked all the boxes to turn it around. I’ll...

Brian Solis - Customer Service

What’s your customer service strategy?

When I started my first customer service job in 1994 it was easy. If a customer had a complaint they called or dropped by. Occasionally they wrote a letter. Sure...

Dumb Ways to Die Kidney

Dumb Ways to Die – Metro Sells Out

Picture this. You develop an incredibly successful PSA campaign for a client. Then two years later the client sells the creative to a company in a different industry overseas. It...


This Valentine’s Day, All You Need is … Evernote Market

This week is Valentine’s Day. That day of the year filled with cheap chocolates, hard-to-get dinner reservations, and women in the office comparing the size of their bouquets. It’s a...

Image courtesy of Amazon via Geekwire

Who are your Competitors?

Last week Amazon launched their back-to-school campaign by attacking independent college bookstores on their own turf – literally. As reported by Shelf Awareness and GeekWire, they set up displays on...

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