This Valentine’s Day, All You Need is … Evernote Market

This week is Valentine’s Day. That day of the year filled with cheap chocolates, hard-to-get dinner reservations, and women in the office comparing the size of their bouquets. It’s a great sales opportunity, but what do you do if your…
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Who are your Competitors?

Last week Amazon launched their back-to-school campaign by attacking independent college bookstores on their own turf – literally. As reported by Shelf Awareness and GeekWire, they set up displays on at least four college campuses across the US and college-aged…
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Direct mail isn’t dead. Ricola shows how it’s done.

For the last few years the focus has been on digital. It’s faster, cheaper and can be more innovative. Many called it the death of direct mail. Ricola shows it’s not dead. It’s just been neglected. A few weeks ago…
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