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Optimize Your Google Searches with these Simple Tips

New York Times has published a list of 10 Simple Google Google Search Tips. Even being the fangirl that I am, I wasn’t aware of a couple of these operators. Check out the list for some great widgets, like how…
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Distance is no barrier

One of my favorite things about the internet is that it breaks down geographic barriers. About 80-100 people attended last week’s Social Media Club gathering in San Francisco. Another 780 watched via Ustream.Side note: Melbourne has just launched a Social…
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A Twitter Experiment with Kyle and Jackie O

We all know about finding the correct audience and tools for the message, so when I was voicing my disgust in 2DAY FM’s new processes dealing with Kyle and Jackie O’s foul breakfast programme I only aimed for my Twitter…
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What financial crisis?

I’m a marketer working in the financial services industry. Constantly I’m hearing the financial downturn blamed for everything.Over the last two days we’ve seen Richard Branson talk of the opportunities the current situation gives entrepreneurs and Seth Godin posted this…
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