Social Media Coaching

Social Media Coaching for Business

You’ve been told you need social media for your business, but not sure how it all works? Or are you wondering how to get your followers more engaged? Bianca’s social media coaching will help you maximize your understanding and campaign effectiveness.

Personal Social Media Coaching

Do your kids play on SnapChat and you feel lost, unable to guide them? Concerned about facebook’s ever changing privacy rules? Bianca can answer all your questions in a way that you’ll understand. She’ll meet you at a convenient location and using your laptop, help you with your profiles or just to learn more. Of course, your privacy is protected. Bianca will sign a non-disclosure statement with you at your first session.

All social media coaching is competitively priced at $25 per hour. Call Bianca at 415-279-2727 or enter your details below to book a session.

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