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HootSuite Certified ProfessionalSocial media has definitely taken the business world by storm. But many are trying it out and saying it’s a waste of time. Like any other marketing or public relations tool, it can be.

Bianca can help you write a social media strategy that complements your business and marketing goals. She’ll work with you to identify your target audience and match the social media possibilities to them. Hours building a Pinterest presence is wasted time if it won’t help you achieve your goals. Sometimes the answer is to avoid social media, and Bianca can help you decide that too.

Need a social media presence but lack the time to manage it? Building engagement takes time, effort and skill. It can be hard to fit that in with running your business, spending time with family and friends and giving yourself “me time”. Bianca can look after that for you. She can tweet or post in your preferred tone/voice, interact with the community and escalate issues as required. You receive engaged customers without the stress.

Bianca has written copy (engagement and direct response/sales), managed the community and tracked results for several companies, including BuzzBee Company (for IamMEC), Chirpsy and Expedia. She is also active with her own profiles. Follow her on Twitter to see how she does it.

She is a Hootsuite Ambassador, and Hootsuite University certified.

Call 415-279-2727, enter your details below, or tweet @BiancaJSmith to get your social media performing.

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