HP Events Australia Liquidation Sale

When we closed HP Events Australia there was still a box of prizes and some MuggleCast Down Under t-shirts left. I’ve added in a few duplicate items from my collection to clear out in the ultimate Harry Potter merchandise sale.A few items have already sold (we had a spreadsheet sent around) but this will be the most up to date listing. If you’re interested in anything please email me at Bianca@tapdancingspiders.com.au. Pick up from Melbourne CBD is preferred. Otherwise postage is at cost. Cash payments or bank deposit. This is all below cost already so we can’t afford the PayPal account.The MCDU t-shirts are very big. An extra small is about a ladies 12 or mens small. They’re a unisex cut.$5 Goblet of Fire Analogue Watch (needs new battery but in box)$5 Sirius 4” NECA Series 1 figure from Order of the Phoenix movie$10 Sirius 7” NECA Series 1 figure from Order of the Phoenix movie$5 Draco and the Malfoys first album$2 Gryffindor bag tag (new but not in package)$5 5 piece pencil case study kit from Chamber of Secrets$5 Double layer pencil tin from Goblet of Fire$2 Small Lego Knight Bus (assembled)$5 MCDU Extra Small Beige T-Shirt$5 MCDU Small Beige T-Shirt$5 MCDU Large Beige T-Shirt$5 MCDU Small Lime T-Shirt$5 MCDU Medium Lime T-Shirt$5 MCDU Large Lime T-Shirt$1 “Hidden Danger in Harry Potter” small book by Steve Wohlberg (religion, anti-Harry Potter)$5 “The Harry Potter Quiz Book”$5 “Hogwarts or Hogwash” book by Peter Furst and Craig Heilmann (religion pro-Harry Potter)$5 “Wizard! Harry Potter’s Brand Magic” marketing book by Stephen Brown$5 “Magical Worlds of Harry Potter” book by David Colbert$2 Plastic Brief Case from Chamber of Secrets$5 A5 Hogwarts notebook$5 MCDU Extra Small Lime T-Shirt$10 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Book (US Paperback)

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