Twitter Audits: Do You Make the Grade?

Have you ever wondered if you can do better with your Twitter account? OK, that’s a silly question. When I get a new client, the first thing I do is...


Hootsuite Ambassador’s Favorite Business Books for 2014

Are you looking for some holiday reading? The Hootsuite Ambassadors have come to the rescue with their favorite business books for 2014. What can be better than a team of...

Multiple Feeds - Hootsuite Mobile App

The Hootsuite Mobile App: What can it do?

Being asked to speak at events is definitely an amazing Hootsuite Ambassador perk. On Thursday I was invited to the University Bookstore for their Appy Hour event. Topic? Tips and...

Hootsuite University – A Special Offer

Hootsuite University – A Special Offer

It looks like you’ve forgiven me for sharing so much Hootsuite content. That’s good because they’ve just released a promo code for Hootsuite University. If you’ve been curious about Hootsuite...

Hootsuite University – Six Months Later

Hootsuite University – Six Months Later

One of the most popular pages on here is the post announcing my Hootsuite University certification. Understandably people want to check it before pulling out their credit card. I know...

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