old man's scentToday is the day Old Spice became the scent for men to have, thanks to a beautifully executed social media campaign. Yes, that’s true. The old man’s scent is sexy again.

Mashable have said it best here, but essentially the gorgeous man from the TV campaign launched in February this year is back. The Old Spice Man has spent the day responding to fans’ Tweets. All responses have been posted on Old Spice’s YouTube channel and linked through to their facebook fan page too. Media coverage is now international and I suspect Old Spice would be a Twitter trending topic, even if it wasn’t sponsored.

The volume of tweets was too high for everyone to get personalized responses. Influencers, like Perez Hilton and Alyssa Milano were targeted. Alyssa even received flowers sent from Old Spice Man.

This is a campaign to be talked about for years – and not just for that body. Several days of Twitter trending and an old man’s scent is sexy again.