This afternoon I visited the Elliott Bay Book Company to grab a new baby gift for a friend. Upstairs I found this stapled on a shelf:


Yes, it piqued my attention. I took a photo, then scanned the code. I was curious. We know Amazon and online sales (with the accompanying show-rooming) are hurting bookstores. I wanted to see how this store was fighting back.

It linked me here:

Seattle Times on Show-Rooming

A recent Seattle Times article on the impact of show-rooming.

I love how this was done. No whining that online is killing them, or berating the show-roomers. Just a subtle guilt-trip and some education.

My little guilt-trip addition to this (yes, personal rant here), when you’re buying from an independent bookstore, you’re not just buying the book. You’re buying personal recommendations from the staff, book clubs, reading events for adults and kids, and book signings.

Rant over; back to reviewing this communication, congratulations to the Elliott Bay Book Company on a job well done.