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7 WordPress Tips for Marketers

The WordCamp Seattle team shook things up a little this year and divided the popular conference into two distinct conferences. Experienced was a week ago, and we have to wait...


Sloan Newman – Interview with a Marketer

March’s Interview with a Marketer is the talented Sloan Newman. He’s currently managing marketing for Fox Plumbing and Heating in Seattle, and will be the president of the American Marketing...


Book Review: Think Like a Freak

Many people call me smart, but I think it’s more that years of listening to the Freakonomics podcast has taught me to Think Like a Freak. Steven Levitt and Stephen...


Twitter Audits: Do You Make the Grade?

Have you ever wondered if you can do better with your Twitter account? OK, that’s a silly question. When I get a new client, the first thing I do is...


Persuasive Copywriting – Book Review

I’m a little scared to write this review. Persuasive Copywriting by Andy Maslen is one of the most useful copywriting books I have read. But will my writing make the...

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