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Everyone has a Client from Hell

Posted by on Tuesday, 6 April, 2010

Everyone had been inflicted by one: a client from hell. You know the ones, they call you Friday afternoon and give massive brief changes for a project due Monday morning, or they give a vague brief then call you stupid when you ask for clarification.
Here’s a site where you can, anonymously, tell the world about these menaces – Clients from Hell. It’s a must read for all clients to ensure you don’t become hellish.
Thanks to Brand DNA for finding the site.

Advertising or Street Art?

Posted by on Wednesday, 8 July, 2009

Has anyone else seen this? It’s on the side of a building in King St Melbourne. I saw it late Sunday when the sun was coming the other direction, so can’t be a trick of the light. Is it street art or a cryptic piece of advertising?If anyone knows, please let me in on the secret.

Image on Melbourne building

Image on Melbourne building

How to poach an egg

Posted by on Sunday, 14 June, 2009

A 16yo friend updated his Facebook status this morning to brag he poached an egg for the first time.I admit, it’s not remarkable in itself, but how he learnt how to was – he watched a tutorial on YouTube. Social media: now teaching teenage boys how to cook.

Funny, but ineffective pick up line

Posted by on Sunday, 22 June, 2008

One evening during the week Kiera and I were going for pizza.We were walking down the street behind three drunken guys. One said to his friends: “It’d be great if there were two hot girls behind us.”His friends didn’t hear, so he repeated it.”It’d be great if there were two hot girls behind us.”They heard and he turned around to look at us and exclaim: “Wow, and here are two hot girls.”Needless to say we kept walking as he said: “That didn’t go as well as planned.”I hope he had better luck later in the night.