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Some Great Marketing Books To Fill The Time

As you’ve seen, my commitment to weekly blogs hasn’t been going that well. It’s all for a good purpose though. I’m working on IABC/Seattle‘s new WordPress site. It will be live in a few weeks and I’ll be back to…
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Yes, your business can live without social media

If Coca-Cola had decided not to advertise on television in the 1940s, would we still be sipping an ice cold Coke today? Possibly, but it’s more likely Pepsi or another type of soda. Like with the advent of television (and…
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There’s no easy answer to SEO and social media

I’m always surprised how many experienced marketers and communicators just don’t get search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. Last week I was asked how to get to the top of Google. My response to generate more optimized content didn’t…
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Socialnomics has done it again – THE argument for social media implementation

Socialnomics has updated their Social Media Revolution video. There may be one or two people out there who still can’t see the power of social media. Just play them this: Edit: apologies for those who saw the link missing. I…
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Why Should I Follow You On Twitter?

I know Twitter etiquette says we should follow those who follow us, but is that the best use of Twitter and your time? I have many people who want to hear from me, but I don’t wish to return the…
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