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Are you show-rooming? A local bookstore fights back with class.

This afternoon I visited the Elliott Bay Book Company to grab a new baby gift for a friend. Upstairs I found this stapled on a shelf: Yes, it piqued my attention. I took a photo, then scanned the code. I was curious. We…
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Want to reach a teenage stoner? Try outdoor PSAs

Here’s the second brilliant public service announcement communications that I’ve seen recently. If you missed the first post, here it is. Teen drug use is a problem everywhere, but how do you reach this tricky audience? If audience is even…
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Cheer Up Mitt! – How far is too far in topical advertising?

If you were downtown Seattle in the weeks immediately after this year’s election, you may have seen this billboard. Roku, online streaming television hardware, ticked all the boxes for great advertising: timely, topical, amusing, clever, relevant to the product/brand. I…
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