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How to Manage Your Social Media Campaigns Over the Holidays

Posted by on Monday, 9 December, 2013

Social Media Holiday

At last week’s planning meeting with Chirpsy, we discussed what’s the most important information a social media manager needs in December. How to actually take time off over the holidays.

This was the result.

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, a vacation or your wedding, there are times when you don’t want to be personally managing your social media accounts.

How can you keep an active profile when you want to disengage?

There are a few things you can do.

1. Pre-write and schedule your content. Write general posts and schedule them to be posted while you’re offline. Social media apps like HootSuite and Sprout Social let you do this. Just remember not to post anything that may¬†elicit a conversation or become inappropriate if there’s a disaster. Generic posts work well for this.

2. Use a content curation tool like Chirpsy. If you already use us to supplement your engagement messages, you know how effective it is. But itself, Chirpsy will keep your accounts active and relevant while you’re away.

3. Include customer service messages. Holiday opening hours, reminders, promotion messaging. These are all things you you pre-schedule and link to, while giving your audience useful, timely content.

4. Have someone in the office review the social media feeds. This is a great training opportunity for someone in the office. Ask them to review the feeds to see if anything needs urgent actioning, the same as media monitoring. You don’t need to give permission to post, but they can watching for poor brand mentions and the technology, and escalate any major issues. Remember to define major before you leave to avoid a panicked phone call over something slight.

5. Enjoy the holidays. You’ve worked hard all year ’round. Take this time to do the things you love, without worrying about reach and clicks. You’ll come back refreshed and more creative.

We hope these tips help you this holiday season.

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Have you checked out Chirpsy yet? I use it for most of my content Tweets. This isn’t just a plug because I’m working with them, I’m working with them because I love their content curation tool. Check ‘em out.

Regular programming will be returning soon

Posted by on Thursday, 17 October, 2013

TV Test ScreenWe all know the math. Pitch/approach/email/Tweet/post 100 leads to get ten sales – on a good day. But what happens if all 100 accept your offer?

I’ve just found out.

My products are expertise and time. Time is finite. Darn!

I’m taking as many projects as possible, and helping find others to help with those I can’t. Unfortunately, new posts here have been postponed. It should only be a week or two, but I refuse to entertain you with late night marketing ramblings just to fill space. (We’re ignoring precedent on Instagram from my last flight to Melbourne).

In the meanwhile, check out the great events I’m working on with the PSAMA, complete the new Google Analytics Digital Analytics Fundamentals course, or read a book from my growing list for content marketing.

Regular programming will be returning soon.

All Communication is Content Marketing

Posted by on Saturday, 7 September, 2013

Yelp_content_MarketingYou have a content marketing strategy and calendar. Blog and social media posts are created and curated and engagement stats are recorded. Your job is done, right?

No, not quite.

There are so many other content pieces that can be optimized to be on brand and engaging.

Today Yelp did a great job with their iPhone app update. They could have just written “bug fixes and features added”, but they chose to outline the benefits of the fixes and features, apologize for some features not being included earlier and giving credit to the developers who did the work. It was written in a fun voice. Even though it is verbose, I read it all.

Yelp has set the additional content marketing standard. How will you raise the bar?