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How to Automate Social Media – the Safe Way

Posted by on Monday, 7 July, 2014

Today I saw these two.

automate-social-media-fail  automate-social-media










Fortunately the second one is a mistaken parody account, but we all know of examples of automated social media gone wrong.

Can you Automate Social Media?

Kind of. I’m a fan of making this efficient but with such a dynamic, high profile marketing tactic, there’s no replacing a competent marketer. Really, look at the fails. Keyword triggered posts seem like a good idea, until a savvy customer discovers the trigger words and starts publicly playing.

Instead of automating social media, we can pre-schedule. This works on a small scale, or for a short period, but when done properly is effective and saves you time and money.

Pre-scheduling Event and Thank You Posts

There are some posts that are safe to pre-schedule. Send a parking details reminder an hour before an event, or thank speakers at the end. You have the event run sheet, so you can schedule these to hit at the right time and no one will be the wiser. It frees you up for real time engagement. This works for general promotion messages too.

I prefer to run these via Hootsuite, but we know I’m a Hootsuite Ambassador and fan girl. The benefit of Hootsuite is being able to see it in calendar view. It helps me when I’m juggling multiple accounts. However, most social media platforms will let you do this in a form. Facebook lets you schedule directly from your page.

Automate Social Media Content

scheduled-automate-social-mediaThis is a trickier one, but technology is now catching up. Chirpsy (disclaimer: occasional client) was one of the first to do this well. Choose keywords, write guidelines and sit back while appropriate posts are found, written and sent on your behalf. Since then Klout entered the arena with a totally automated account based on your previous posts. It’s VERY hit or miss, or should I say miss. Hootsuite has then taken that service and built in the ability to choose your focus words, and machine learning to start customizing your feed. You do need to curate it before it learns and I’ve had one dead link that I know of, but Suggested is the best option on the market, and it’s free. I’ll jump in every few days and see what it has for me. It will schedule them according to my account’s auto-scheduling criteria.

While it’s tempting to fully automate social media, it’s very risky, and not really worth it. Pre-schedule instead and take control.

Poll: How Do You Find Content?

Posted by on Monday, 17 June, 2013

Polling Place It’s time-consuming to find great content to share. How do you do it? Paid service, RSS feeds, random searches, referrals? Let me know.

If you are using a brilliant tool or service, please share in the comments.

How do you find content? Please choose the main source.

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Should I Admit I’m the Ghost Writer?

Posted by on Tuesday, 28 May, 2013

The Squeaky Lobster and props from Friday's photo shoot

Most of you know that I’m now freelancing and ghost writing a twitter profile for Microsoft.

The profile’s persona is a 38-year old male. The audience is pretty much the same.

I did everything correct and created demographic and psychographic profiles of the top influencers, I chat with all the followers and analyze conversation. However, as the last eight weeks have passed, I’ve felt more disinclined to reveal myself to the audience.

Of course they know there’s a ghost writer. Come on, the profile is for plush lobster. I’m worried that if they know I’m female it will change the dynamics.

What do you think? Am I being silly?