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The Hootsuite Mobile App: What can it do?

Being asked to speak at events is definitely an amazing Hootsuite Ambassador perk. On Thursday I was invited to the University Bookstore for their Appy Hour event. Topic? Tips and Tricks for Using the Hootsuite Mobile App. Today’s blog post…
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Share, Learn and Meet on facebook with TapDancingSpiders

Did you see it? In the top right menu? that new little facebook button. TapDancingSpiders is now on facebook. Woohoo! The facebook page has been a long time coming because I wanted to have a strong strategy behind it. There…
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The Impossible Post – Trying to categorize social media platforms

This post could just as easily been called, “A blog post that takes three minutes to read takes three hours to write.” This is about yesterday’s post. In summary, it tells how you can’t match social media platforms directly to…
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The impossible question: Which social media platforms should I use?

When you’re a kid, the big question is, “When’s Christmas?”. As a teen it’s “how can I get <insert name here> to like me?”. As a digital marketer it’s “which social media platforms should I be using?” The only one…
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How to Limit Who Sees Your Facebook Posts

So for most people reading this, facebook is a tool for your work and personal life, so you know it fairly well. This is for my friends who aren’t so facebook aware and are confused by the settings. Disclaimer: this…
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