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Funny, but ineffective pick up line

Posted by on Sunday, 22 June, 2008

One evening during the week Kiera and I were going for pizza.We were walking down the street behind three drunken guys. One said to his friends: “It’d be great if there were two hot girls behind us.”His friends didn’t hear, so he repeated it.”It’d be great if there were two hot girls behind us.”They heard and he turned around to look at us and exclaim: “Wow, and here are two hot girls.”Needless to say we kept walking as he said: “That didn’t go as well as planned.”I hope he had better luck later in the night.

Moving to the House of Awesome

Posted by on Friday, 18 January, 2008

Yay, moving day is here. Kiera and I collect the keys to the House of Awesome in 2 and a half hours.Many know the stresses and laughs which have come from this move already. Budgets being stretched because so many apartments in the Melbourne CBD are too tiny for a lone mouse to live in, having other apartments boost the prices at the last minute once the real estate experts realised they has under-valued them, and the countless hours over coffee deliberating over which apartment to take.But that is all in the past!! we have the important things to move in, computers, beds, and fridge, and especially important, the house warming gift from Eric: an upside down map, placing Australia at the top of the world. Eric, we promise you it will be the first thing we unpack. Video will appear of it next week.During the tedious packing stage Kiera and I have been taking photos. Check them out here. If you are on Flickr feel free to comment. More photos will be up over the weekend.So everyone have a fun weekend and Kiera and I’ll be back on line over the next few days.