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Correcting Misinformation in the Media: How We Can Help the Refugees

Recently Kevin Rudd, the Australian Prime Minister, made an upsetting announcement. He declared that all refugees arriving by boat will be transported to Papua New Guinea and not settled in Australia. Not only has the country decided to illegally shirk its responsibilities and…
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Cheer Up Mitt! – How far is too far in topical advertising?

If you were downtown Seattle in the weeks immediately after this year’s election, you may have seen this billboard. Roku, online streaming television hardware, ticked all the boxes for great advertising: timely, topical, amusing, clever, relevant to the product/brand. I…
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Using your public relations skills for good … with Kiva.

  Let’s just accept that public relations gets a bad rap. Before you protest, in some cases it, and us as practitioners, deserve it. But it’s up to us if we use our “powers” for good or evil. One way…
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