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Book Review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Posted by on Sunday, 8 February, 2009

The-tipping-pointLast year David Schloeffel (RMIT) described advertising as the arranging of the familiar to create something new. While reading The Tipping Point I realised the same is true for self-help books.

The Tipping Point is the latest touted to change the world. As such it has become an international best seller.

This book does have the potential to change the world.

Gladwell tells that only small things are needed to “tip” or start an epidemic. Epidemics can be the success of a new product or outbreak of disease.

The theory is well described and has a flowing narrative. A criticism is, however, that too many examples are used to illustrate each point. These distract from his theory and can confuse the reader. And, I have to say some of the examples are fascinating, causing further distraction. My personal favourite is the development of children’s television programmes Sesame Street and Blues Clues.

I recommend The Tipping Point to help you being together marketing concepts that you should know. Applying this will help you change the world, just look past the superfluous examples.

Apologies for the Amazon US link. The Dymocks website is currently down.


Posted by on Saturday, 27 December, 2008

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted. It’s not to say I have forgotten about Tap Dancing Spiders.I’m currently working on a few review posts. Two book reviews I am working on are for Harry, a History by Melissa Anelli and Traders Guns and Money by Satyajit Das. Both are very different books. Harry, a History is a report of the massive breadth of the Harry Potter fandom from an insider. Traders Guns and Money is a highly regarded prediction of the current financial crisis, published in 2006 when people were saying it could never happen.The new site design is also slowly coming along. Hopefully the holiday time will let us finish it off for you.Until then I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday time.