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The Seattle Times Effect

Posted by on Wednesday, 1 January, 2014

Do you read the “Best of” lists in December and think they’re premature? What if Justine Sacco left for Africa to celebrate New Years? Or if Oreo dropped a “dunk in the dark” calibre campaign late in the month? Even the bloggers with Most Popular Posts lists aren’t taking the full year into account.

I briefly considered making a list post, and joining the flow, but decided my posts we’re important enough. Also, a best/worst of list was only going to duplicate what others had already done.

It would have been for naught.

December 31, 2013

At 9am my iPad chimed alerting me to a pingback on Monica Guzman of the Seattle Times wrote a follow-up piece on show-rooming and referenced my post on the Elliott Bay Book Company’s response to the practice.

And Wow!

Traffic climbed, and kept climbing throughout the day, and into the next.


It’s still climbing. An hour after this screen grab, it’s on 271 views by 204 visitors. Over the two days, 278 visitors arrived via the Seattle Times. If I did blog a list of most popular posts, you’d be reading about Google suppressing keywords, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It would have missed this. Now you know that the Elliott Bay Book Company is mature in their marketing.

How Did This Happen?

The post was published on June 7, 2013 – six months before it was discovered. It was promoted as normal via social media, and behaved as most posts do. Not very much happened. The post includes a link to the Seattle Times piece that the bookstore also linked to, but none of the search monitoring done by Monica, or the Seattle Times picked it up.

On Sunday afternoon I noticed the SEO wasn’t perfectly optimized, so I fixed it and moved on. I can’t even recall what I changed. Probably the image alt text, maybe the meta description.

Obviously it was enough.

What Did I Learn?

Sigh, this content girl is admitting that even with Google’s Hummingbird update and that content is king, technical SEO is still very important.

Are you show-rooming? A local bookstore fights back with class.

Posted by on Friday, 7 June, 2013

This afternoon I visited the Elliott Bay Book Company to grab a new baby gift for a friend. Upstairs I found this stapled on a shelf:


Yes, it piqued my attention. I took a photo, then scanned the code. I was curious. We know Amazon and online sales (with the accompanying show-rooming) are hurting bookstores. I wanted to see how this store was fighting back.

It linked me here:

Seattle Times on Show-Rooming

A recent Seattle Times article on the impact of show-rooming.

I love how this was done. No whining that online is killing them, or berating the show-roomers. Just a subtle guilt-trip and some education.

My little guilt-trip addition to this (yes, personal rant here), when you’re buying from an independent bookstore, you’re not just buying the book. You’re buying personal recommendations from the staff, book clubs, reading events for adults and kids, and book signings.

Rant over; back to reviewing this communication, congratulations to the Elliott Bay Book Company on a job well done.