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Marketing Campaign Round-Up

When was the last time you saw a brilliant marketing campaign? How about a not-so-brilliant one? I’ve seen a few around Seattle that fit each category. First Aid Shot¬†Therapy No one likes a migraine, or even a hangover. First Aid…
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My Newest Project: Jingle to 5k

I’ve been quiet here recently and for good reason. Previously you’ve heard about my entry in the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for this year and to run the 5k (link to that post is here). I’m now blogging my progress on…
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Running and marketing and help beat Arthritis. Of course we can.

You’re a marketer. That’s your life. You live, breathe, eat and drink marketing. No? Well, no one does really. We all have other interest and passions. For some it’s family and friends; for others it’s hobbies. But admit it, you…
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