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Getting all niche with Bing Ads

Posted by on Saturday, 9 November, 2013

Bing_AdsBing Ads is pulling out the stops to win over agencies.

This week was the launch of Bing Ads Connect, a new event series educating agencies how to optimize Bing Ads campaigns for the holidays.

From talking to others at the event, Bing Ads (and its preceding names) hasn’t had the best relationship with agencies. I’m not sure that’s just agencies though. They do have a hard battle stealing share from Google. Especially when they also lack the features of Google AdWords.

However from what I saw on Tuesday, they’ve accepted the challenge. Last week’s report on Bing Ads’ efficiencies over Google AdWords opened me to looking at Bing Ads for some niche campaigns. The event definitely helped. It looked like ALL the team were in the room, and lots of notes were taken and questions asked – of us. They are listening.

But what did I learn?

  • There are 31 million computer users who are only paid search accessible via Bing Ads
  • On average, Bing Ads users spend 38% more
  • Bing Ads segments using user persona with less emphasis on keywords
  • Gift cards are the top Christmas gift, so extend your holiday campaigns to catch this delayed spend – or make a new, focused campaign
  • They are still Google AdWord’s little brother, tagging along behind
  • The Microsoft Partner program gives great perks, but at too great a cost
  • Bing Ads has the BEST swag bags: $100 ad spend, pretty note pad and pen, holiday campaign planning guide, pre-stamped (and branded) holiday cards for clients, another pen, and a copy of Office 2013 Professional

I’m excited to test Bing Ads for a client. I’m curious to see if it’ll work with a tightly targeted, small campaign for a local tech startup. After Tuesday’s event, I’m sure it’ll be a success.

If you’re in one of the other cities the Bing Ads team is visiting, I recommend checking it out and sharing your thoughts in the comments.

Google KeyWord Finder – One of my favorite tools

Posted by on Thursday, 27 June, 2013

most-common-crossword-wordsUnless you play in the search engine marketing arena, you may not be aware of Google’s KeyWord Finder tool and the extent of its awesomeness.

In SEM, it’s used for finding the low cost, high traffic keywords to target. It is based on actual searches – spelling errors and weirdness and all.

As well as SEM, it’s great to work out how to position your copy. What are the words your audience are using? You may use jargon, but if your audience doesn’t use the same terms you won’t be found via search engines. And we all want to be found.

Looking at the related keywords can also give you topic ideas to write about. Or, you can do what I used to get distracted by when keywording SEM campaigns: see what people actually search. Be warned though, it’s often NSFW and will have you thinking WTF?!?

Search Engine Marketing is about being compelling… not creepy

Posted by on Tuesday, 13 December, 2011

When I was first at university, a friend and I would watch television advertisements and compete to pick the target audience first. Later, I took it a step further to pick the advertiser’s goal.

I’m struggling with this one…


The keywords are perfect to target the vlogbrothers and their fans. However, Google continually reminds us to make the image compelling enough to get people to click. That’s compelling, not creepy.

Display network ads are great for branding. Is he trying to brand himself? Gain awareness of his love of Hank and John Green, aka the Vlogbrothers? I’m older than the typical teen/young adult nerdfighter (as the vlogbrothers fans call themselves), but all this ad has done is frighten me.

If anyone knows the goal of this campaign or who this guy is, please let me know. There is no way I’m clicking the ad.

Check out the video and the Vlogbrothers here.