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How To: WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

The WordPress blog has been built, or maybe you inherited it. You were told it’s search engine optimized. Great! Then you’re ready for your first post. You hit Add New post, scroll down and see… This box is part of…
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The Seattle Times Effect

Do you read the “Best of” lists in December and think they’re premature? What if Justine Sacco left for Africa to celebrate New Years? Or if Oreo dropped a “dunk in the dark” calibre campaign late in the month? Even…
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Content SEO or Technical SEO

We all know I’m a content girl. Google has joined the content kids too, especially with the hummingbird update. Does that mean we should ignore technical SEO? Confession time. Last month I installed the WordPress SEO plug-in, Yoast. Yes, despite…
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There’s no easy answer to SEO and social media

I’m always surprised how many experienced marketers and communicators just don’t get search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. Last week I was asked how to get to the top of Google. My response to generate more optimized content didn’t…
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