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When to break the rules of research

Posted by on Sunday, 15 July, 2012

My lecturers would tear up my degrees if they saw the research project I’m doing with IABC/Seattle.

There was no written literature review, no demographic questions in the survey, and only two survey questions. It is the most successful research I have done.

The two questions ask what the chapter most wants to know from the members: which services do they like most, and which they could do without.

While this initially appears too simplistic, it’s supported by 16 hours and 50mb of data analysis. One of the aims was to get honest answers from the 150 local members. We decided we could only get that with total anonymity and having a small population means demographics would link responses with members. plus, the 50mb of data gave us a strong member profile.

So the survey is short to fit with our members’ limited time and so far the response rate exceeds my expectations.

As a bonus, Whitney Keys of Seattle PI agrees with keeping it simple. Thanks for your support, Whitney.

Surveys and Perceptions…

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 October, 2008

Chris complained recently that I hadn’t written a new post. So, here’s a new post and why it has been so long in the making.We are now in the final stages of the RMIT Grad Dip (PR) research into 25-34 year old’s perceptions of government drug and alcohol campaigns. The final stage is a short survey (yes short: only 10 questions) that give all of you the chance to have your say. So, if you are between 25-34 please click the link below and spend the next few minutes telling us your perceptions of government drug and alcohol campaigns. if you are outside this age range, please forward this on to people who are. Hey, why not, everyone can forward it to people they think will be interested in helping the study.If you have any questions or comments, please email me.Thanks in advance for all your help,Bianca