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Book Review: Targeted

I told a friend I was reading Targeted by Mike Smith. She asked “how could you write a book on SEM? Search engine marketing moves too fast”. She’s right. Targeted was a NetGalley offering I pounced on. Targeting has been…
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Book Review: We Are All Weird

I like this time when things are slow enough to start demolishing my To Read tower. That’s why I’ve just read a book from 2011 – We Are All Weird by Seth Godin.

Like all of Seth’s work, it’s a quick, light read, while challenging the status quo. Any good marketer has already moved beyond mass advertising, and onto “weird”. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good marketers.

The impossible question: Which social media platforms should I use?

When you’re a kid, the big question is, “When’s Christmas?”. As a teen it’s “how can I get <insert name here> to like me?”. As a digital marketer it’s “which social media platforms should I be using?” The only one…
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Segmenting or Discrimination?

A friend and I were collating a data list for an email send this evening. The following ensued: Internal Communications Manager: But if we don’t include them it’s discrimination! Marketer: No, it’s segmenting. It’s all a matter of perspective. And,…
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