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Regular programming will be returning soon

Posted by on Thursday, 17 October, 2013

TV Test ScreenWe all know the math. Pitch/approach/email/Tweet/post 100 leads to get ten sales – on a good day. But what happens if all 100 accept your offer?

I’ve just found out.

My products are expertise and time. Time is finite. Darn!

I’m taking as many projects as possible, and helping find others to help with those I can’t. Unfortunately, new posts here have been postponed. It should only be a week or two, but I refuse to entertain you with late night marketing ramblings just to fill space. (We’re ignoring precedent on Instagram from my last flight to Melbourne).

In the meanwhile, check out the great events I’m working on with the PSAMA, complete the new Google Analytics Digital Analytics Fundamentals course, or read a book from my growing list for content marketing.

Regular programming will be returning soon.

My social media life according to Klout

Posted by on Thursday, 22 September, 2011

I admit that I’m inconsistent on social media. I play in a lot of areas, but also work on many other social media projects too.

Klout thinks I’m more consistent. If I’m not active on my personal channels, I’m busy with the IABC/Seattle Twitter account.