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Super Bowl 2013: the good, the bad and the Oreo

Posted by on Wednesday, 6 February, 2013

My plan for this post was to look at the best and worst three ads from Super Bowl 2013. Then four minutes into the power outage, Oreo tweeted this:

Oreo Dunk in the Dark

Oreo Dunk in the Dark

At that point I, along with thousands of others, were distracted. In only four minutes the Oreo team had produced a classy, on-brand, topical piece. ONLY FOUR MINUTES. Naturally, it was retweeted instantly. Actually, more than 10,000 times in the first hour. The next morning I discovered that it was the work of agency, 360i. They had a team of 15 and the right people for approvals in the same room ready to act on any opportunity, and that they did.

So, that killed my post idea and proved that maybe a $3.5 million TVC spot isn’t always the best way to get people talking about you. Wired has a complete report of how they did it.

If you’re curious, I still haven’t watched all this year’s ads, but Bud Light’s Journey was the first to make me smile.

My social media life according to Klout

Posted by on Thursday, 22 September, 2011

I admit that I’m inconsistent on social media. I play in a lot of areas, but also work on many other social media projects too.

Klout thinks I’m more consistent. If I’m not active on my personal channels, I’m busy with the IABC/Seattle Twitter account.

An old man’s scent has become sexy again

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 July, 2010

Old-Spice-GuyToday is the day Old Spice became the scent for men to have, thanks to a beautifully executed social media campaign.

Mashable have said it best here, but essentially the gorgeous man from the TV campaign launched in February this year has spent the day responding to fans’ Tweets. All responses have been posted on Old Spice’s YouTube channel and linked through to their facebook fan page too. Media coverage is now international and I suspect Old Spice would be a Twitter trending topic, even if it wasn’t sponsored.

This is a campaign to be talked about for years – and not just for that body.

Why Should I Follow You On Twitter?

Posted by on Thursday, 1 April, 2010

I know Twitter etiquette says we should follow those who follow us, but is that the best use of Twitter and your time? I have many people who want to hear from me, but I don’t wish to return the favor. Sure, you can show me how to spam people to get thousands of followers, but I prefer quality over quantity. So what should you do to convince me to follow you? 1. Be Relevant Have a look at my Tweets and who I am. Am I in your target audience? Will your Tweets benefit me? I have hundreds of Tweets presented to me daily. I don’t want rubbish cluttering my feed so you get an extra follower. 2. Be Genuine Add personality to your Tweets. I don’t care if you’re repeating your company messages, just make sure we know you’re a real person. 3. Engage with Me Twitter is a public relations tool. So remember it’s all about building relationships, personal and business. Join in conversations and if you see a Tweet your followers may enjoy – share it. Now you know how to get my attention – follow me. I may just follow you back.

Quick Twitter Hints

Posted by on Tuesday, 30 March, 2010

Recently I was asked how Twitter could be used to get a message out to an audience. It was a late, after dinner conversation and I was coming down ill at the time. Here are the quick hints – but a little more coherently.1. Be StrategicWhat do you want to achieve overall and with each tweet? To inform? More clicks? Re-tweets? Make sure you tweet the comments at the best time to reach your audience. HootSuite can help with scheduling.2. Keep the Message ShortYou have 140 characters (including spaces) but try to keep it shorter. If you want to be re-tweeted make sure there’s enough space for your username to be included (so you get the credit) and possibly an extra comment they may add.3. Use shortened and other URL shorteners give you more space for your message, and tracks the number of clicks. It’s mandatory if you’re trying to generate website traffic.4. Join in the ConversationIt’s tempting to blast your message to followers, but this is social media and all about relationships. You need to earn their respect to be followed, or better yet, re-tweeted. So follow them, respond to their tweets and re-tweet (share) anything your followers will like.5. Be YourselfIt’s great to get the message out but remember your followers are people. Put some personality into your tweets and occasionally send a frivolous one. I’m not saying drunken tweets or what you had for breakfast, just enough to let them know you’re a person too.