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An old man’s scent has become sexy again

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 July, 2010

Old-Spice-GuyToday is the day Old Spice became the scent for men to have, thanks to a beautifully executed social media campaign.

Mashable have said it best here, but essentially the gorgeous man from the TV campaign launched in February this year has spent the day responding to fans’ Tweets. All responses have been posted on Old Spice’s YouTube channel and linked through to their facebook fan page too. Media coverage is now international and I suspect Old Spice would be a Twitter trending topic, even if it wasn’t sponsored.

This is a campaign to be talked about for years – and not just for that body.

How to poach an egg

Posted by on Sunday, 14 June, 2009

A 16yo friend updated his Facebook status this morning to brag he poached an egg for the first time.I admit, it’s not remarkable in itself, but how he learnt how to was – he watched a tutorial on YouTube. Social media: now teaching teenage boys how to cook.

Social marketing can’t be faked

Posted by on Wednesday, 21 January, 2009

Tourism-Queensland-Social-MarketingExactly a week ago Tourism Queensland launched a massively expensive promotion that received international coverage.

They offered “the world’s best job”. As the island caretaker the successful applicant would be paid $150,000 to live 6-months rent free on the Great Barrier Reef. All that is asked in return is to swim, snorkel, chat to guests and occasionally post a blog or two.

By the next day Tourism Queensland announced they had so many entries their website had crashed under the load. Media outlets worldwide were covering it. A friend in Canada had even linked to it on his Facebook page.

It was all set to be a very successful campaign, but later on Thursday Tourism Queensland sent out a release that was their downfall and has potentially destroyed a campaign I’d estimate to cost near $1 million.

They told of a video application from a Queensland woman getting a 10cm tattoo showing her devotion to the area and her passion for the role. The video was uploaded to YouTube and the link provided.

We all know that the general public, especially the Gen X and Y this looks to be aimed at, are very cynical and don’t like to be lied to. Few were then surprised when on Monday (less than a week after the launch) Tourism Queensland admitted the woman in the video was a staff member at Cummins Nitro, the agency behind the campaign. The video was claimed to have been a sample made to demonstrate the creativity that could be used. It was an “oversight” that the words sample or example were omitted.

The video has been pulled from YouTube, negative publicity abound. Now it’s just a wait and see if Tourism Queensland will be forgiven for such a basic error.

And for a social marketing example where this concept can work: South Australian Tourism ran the “My Brilliant Adventure” campaign in 2007. See the article titled “Tourism is Taking on the Vics