Follow Up on Edward L Bernays: The Father of Spin
Here is the (long awaited) follow up on Edward L Bernays: The Father of Spin. In the last post I had just started reading Larry Tye’s biography on Bernays. I wasn’t sure if Bernays was a good guy or not. He introduced behavioural sciences into public relations and business, but also popularised cigarette smoking within females, […]
I love Melbourne
This is exactly the reason why I love Melbourne. It’s the middle of winter. At 8:30 this morning I couldn’t see out the office windows for the fog, but by early afternoon this was the view. 
Nokia n95 Dramas
Does anyone have any idea how I can do a firmware upgrade on a Nokia n95 with a MacBook running OS X? My phone is playing up and I know it is a simple fix, but silly Nokia don’t support Mac – grrrrAny help or ideas would be appreciated.
Grad Dip PR Results
In just over 10 hours RMIT will have released our first semester results. I hope everyone’s marks are what you expect and I’ll see you in class on the 21st.
Edward L Bernays: The Father of Spin
I’m currently reading Larry Tye’s book “The Father of Spin” about Edward L Bernays, the man who turned public relations from the entertainment industry’s scam to a legitimate business tool. Bernays was famous for applying behavioural sciences to business, something I greatly admire him for. His list of achievements is enormous. He enticed socialites to adopt […]