Isn’t it really frustrating working on a secret project? You need to tell some people so you can make the project a success, but in a way so others won’t find out. I was profiled this week and posting about it would be the expected thing to do (plus, I was a little honoured). But, […]
Is it about me or you?
I’ve always won my business by showing what I can do to for the clients rather than me telling them about me. Now I’m writing my own bio for the Volunteers page of the IABC Victorian chapter page and freaking out. I can sell and praise anyone else without hesitation but the moment it’s about […]
Dr Seuss is a Mentor
In the last week I’ve seen two examples of why Dr Seuss’s books are a business must-read. Yes, I am talking about those children’s books published around the time my parents were born. During a public speaking lecture at RMIT, John Milburn-Clark suggested to practice we read picture story books aloud. It reminded me of […]
A Twitter Experiment with Kyle and Jackie O
We all know about finding the correct audience and tools for the message, so when I was voicing my disgust in 2DAY FM’s new processes dealing with Kyle and Jackie O’s foul breakfast programme I decided to run a twitter experiment to see what the sentiment is. I only aimed for my Twitter followers. There’s […]
Economics and Public Relations
Tonight I was lucky to attend a workshop by Mark Weiner, author of Unleashing the Power of PR. It was a great, practical presentation and I did take lots of notes. One thing stood out though. On his very first slide, Mark stated the “language” differences between business or economics and public relations. How many […]
Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson
Richard Branson’s latest book, Business Stripped Bare, is like his global empire: positive, honest and challenging. Through the 328 pages, Branson puts his teams and himself out as examples of what to do and, more importantly, not to do to a success in business. He gives credit where credit’s due and names team members who have […]