Google is taking over the world
Is there anything that Google can't or don't do?I spent this evening setting up Google Reader to track my favourite blogs. I have all my email go into gmail, use google calendar, check directions and locations on google maps and occassionally use google documents for Word files.And that's just my personal uses. I've heard that g-drive is due to launch in the next 12-months.
Social marketing can’t be faked
Exactly a week ago Tourism Queensland launched a massively expensive promotion that received international coverage. They offered “the world’s best job”. As the island caretaker the successful applicant would be paid $150,000 to live 6-months rent free on the Great Barrier Reef. All that is asked in return is to swim, snorkel, chat to guests […]
Supacalafreakinawesome WTF? Complained about ads.
The other planned posts are coming, but this morning the Sydney Morning Herald published a list of the most complained about advertisements for 2008. We heard about many on the list as they were released. For most of them, I can see why they were considered offensive, even if I don’t agree. for that, I’m […]