The Glass Ceiling
I just wrote a great post on how I think the glass ceiling is a myth. It was inspired by a conversation with a colleague. As I was finishing it off, I realised that I would have no credibility posting it. I’m a single woman without children. However, the glass ceiling isn’t just an excuse […]
How you can help: Victoria’s bushfire disaster 2009
Over the weekend Victoria has been hit by the worst bushfires in Australia’s history. Entire towns have been decimated, the death count is currently 131 with rescue crews only just making it into the most damaged areas, 750 homes destroyed and 5,000 people are homeless. And the fires are still burning. The Red Cross has […]
Book Review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
Last year David Schloeffel (RMIT) described advertising as the arranging of the familiar to create something new. While reading The Tipping Point I realised the same is true for self-help books. The Tipping Point is the latest touted to change the world. As such it has become an international best seller. This book does have the […]