What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis
The business world has been changed by the internet. Consumers can jump online and in five minutes publish a video blog (vlog) detailing poor customer service. Give them another 30 seconds and the vlog has been sent to to 126 Twitter followers. A further 30 seconds and it’s with 130 facebook friends. If 10% of […]
The secret is out
It’s a week now since my secret is no longer a secret. Well, to be honest, most of you knew the secret and I appreciate the lengths you went to so I could still surprise my parents. Especially those who’ve known since May. So for the one or two in the world who don’t know, […]
2010 and Project 365
This is the traditional time for resolutions. I decided I wouldn’t make any resolutions, but then I already have with all my projects. There’s been a lot going on and even more planned for 2010. In 48 hours I should know the final timing for the secret project I’ve been working on and while I […]