11 Little-Known Grammatical Errors That Will Shock and Horrify You
There are always those grammatical errors that grate on you. And, I suspect there are ones you make that grate on others. Add to that the persnickety grammar nazis who’ll make a big deal out of rare, tiny little thing. The team at 11points.com have helped out by making this list of 11 Little-Known Grammatical […]
Distance is no barrier to professional development
One of my favorite things about the internet is that it breaks down geographic barriers. About 80-100 people attended last week’s Social Media Club gathering in San Francisco. Another 780 watched via Ustream, proving that distance is no barrier. It was one of the first times I’ve seen a streamed event and it was interesting […]
Superfreakonomics by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner
What do street prostitutes, erupting volcanoes and doctors washing their hands have to do with economics? Not much, say some reviewers of Levitt and Dubner’s latest book, Superfreaknomics (Amazon). Their first book, Freakonomics, sold over 4 million copies and was heralded for making economic theory through real life examples. In this follow-up book, the real […]
More social media platforms?
How many social media platforms are too many? Last week Google released Buzz, their social media solution, integrated into the gmail platform. Google are essentially the leaders of integrated information, so I don’t blame them for wanting to keep our social media time on their servers too. But really, unless it has something new and […]