Take Aways from Social Media Club’s Is Privacy Dead?
Social media is oft blamed for society’s degradation. People have little hesitation in broadcasting their lives to the world, with seemingly little thought of consequence. Last night’s Social Media Club session brought together some people who are very concerned with privacy to give their views to those who are creating the social media platforms. Moderator: […]
What I wish I knew about managing online communities… four years ago
I wish read this report before my first trouble with an online community. I spent too long crafting a polite, but firm, email to a member. They had made a hilarious, but grossly inappropriate, joke. The community had self-moderated the situation by the time I posted the response. Mashable has released a list of tips for managing […]
Optimize Your Google Searches with these Simple Tips
New York Times has published a list of 10 Simple Google Google Search Tips. Even being the fangirl that I am, I wasn’t aware of a couple of these operators. Did you know you can use Google as a calculator? Or to work out currency exchanges? Using site: will restrict your search to a particular […]
Everyone has a Client from Hell
Everyone had been inflicted by one: a client from hell. You know the ones, they call you Friday afternoon and give massive brief changes for a project due Monday morning, or they give a vague brief then call you stupid when you ask for clarification. Here’s a site where you can, anonymously, tell the world […]
Why Should I Follow You On Twitter?
I know Twitter etiquette says we should follow those who follow us, but is that the best use of Twitter and your time? I have many people who want to hear from me, but I don’t wish to return the favor. Sure, you can show me how to spam people to get thousands of followers, […]