Cheer Up Mitt! – How far is too far in topical advertising?
If you were downtown Seattle in the weeks immediately after this year’s election, you may have seen this billboard. Roku, online streaming television hardware, ticked all the boxes for great advertising: timely, topical, amusing, clever, relevant to the product/brand. I even heard people talking about the ad as a meme a block before reaching the sign. […]
What Makes a Good Facebook Post?
How can you decide if a Facebook post is worth posting? Use a Post Engagement Model, like this: A good facebook post will be in the top right quadrant. It will score high engagement AND high direct response (sale or actions depending on the product or business). But how do you define what’s high engagement […]
Using your public relations skills for good … with Kiva.
  Let’s just accept that public relations gets a bad rap. Before you protest, in some cases it, and us as practitioners, deserve it. But it’s up to us if we use our “powers” for good or evil. One way is through volunteering. Learn skills, make friends, save the world. Simple. I’m a volunteer editor […] – Great Outdoor Advertising
With all the chatter about outdoor advertising being intrusive, it’s great to see a company doing it well. Head to Seattle’s waterfront this summer and check out the pedicabs. has sponsored a fleet and the only livery are large stickers saying “Need a ride?”. Brilliant. Geekwire has more details of’s great outdoor […]
When to break the rules of research
My lecturers would tear up my degrees if they saw the research project I’m doing with IABC/Seattle. There was no written literature review, no demographic questions in the survey, and only two survey questions. It is the most successful research I have done. The two questions ask what the chapter most wants to know from […]
Communications Reading List Update
Yes, I’ve been in hiding again on other projects. Yes, I promise (again) to change that soon. In the meantime, here’s my recent and currently reading and about to read list. Reviews will be forthcoming. Recently Read Engagement from Scratch!: How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same! – Edited […]