Google KeyWord Finder – One of my favorite tools
Unless you play in the search engine marketing arena, you may not be aware of Google’s KeyWord Finder tool and the extent of its awesomeness. In SEM, it’s used for finding the low cost, high traffic keywords to target. It is based on actual searches – spelling errors and weirdness and all. As well as […]
Are you more productive working in a cafe?
If you’re like me, you are more productive with some noise. Cafes get me out of the house, hydrated and fed, and give me the white noise needed to concentrate. However, there are times you have a deadline but can’t make it to a cafe (actually, like now at 8:30 on a Sunday night). Coffitivity to […]
SEO for Beginners – Don’t Forget the Content
Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of accurate SEO tips and advice that scares me. If you’re a beginner to marketing and SEO, then acting on the advice of format this, add that, etc. will never get you to the top of the Google rankings. It’s not enough. Great content is just as important. Google […]
Poll: How Do You Find Content?
It’s time-consuming to find great content to share. How do you do it? Paid service, RSS feeds, random searches, referrals? Let me know. If you are using a brilliant tool or service, please share in the comments. [poll id=”2″] Image Credits to Ben W via Flickr
Book Review: What’s the Future of Business by Brian Solis
On Saturday I heard Justin Briggs explain how to set up WordPress for SEO. During his presentation I was getting more and more agitated. I was convinced he was wrong and that his techniques won’t work. I was right and I was wrong. Yes, his check list of things to do will get your site […]
WordCamp Seattle – Afternoon Sessions
This time I ventured out a little more into WordCamp Seattle. Apologies still to those whose sessions I missed. As with all WordCamps, there are so many talented people to hear and learn from. What is WordCamp Seattle? WordCamps are casual, locally-organized, non-profit conferences covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source content-management […]