How to Live Tweet Events and Conferences
A new, but essential part of any event communications plan is Twitter. Not just in the lead-up, but during the event. But how do you live tweet events? It takes time and planning. These tips should help. Before the event Allocate team members I recommend having at least one dedicated person per session. Two if […]
How Can I Get A Job With No Marketing Experience
It’s a common lament with so many new grads around. How can I get experience if you won’t give me a job? You don’t need a job to get experience. I’m moving house and re-found this t-shirt. The team behind this event had minimal experience and most were at university studying things other than event […]
Big Data is the Starbucks of Analytics
If you’ve ever been to Starbucks with me you’d know I never drink their espresso. I was introduced to coffee in Melbourne, where there are independent roasters all over the city. However, even with espresso, Starbucks has its place. It has been great in introducing people to espresso. Many of these people then go on […]