Was Dumb Ways to Die A Success?
The Dumb Ways to Die campaign was a viral success, but did it meet its goals?
Correcting Misinformation in the Media: How We Can Help the Refugees
Recently Kevin Rudd, the Australian Prime Minister, made an upsetting announcement. He declared that all refugees arriving by boat will be transported to Papua New Guinea and not settled in Australia. Not only has the country decided to illegally shirk its responsibilities and agreements with the UN, many Australians agree that it’s the right move. How did this […]
Running and marketing and help beat Arthritis. Of course we can.
You’re a marketer. That’s your life. You live, breathe, eat and drink marketing. No? Well, no one does really. We all have other interest and passions. For some it’s family and friends; for others it’s hobbies. But admit it, you do kinda love it when you can mix marketing AND your “other life”. That’s why […]