HootSuite University – Celebrating My New Certification
In 2015 Hootsuite introduced the Hootsuite Platform Certificate to replace Hootsuite University. The course work is free. If you’re learning something and there’s a certification attached, it seems a waste not to sit the exam. This morning I passed the Hootsuite University exam. This week I switched back to Hootsuite to manage my social media […]
Book Review: Accelerate
Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World is the latest business book by John P Kotter. Like his previous books, it’s short (200 pages), sweet and written to change the world. Due for release in April 2014. I never did read Kotter’s famous Our Iceberg Is Melting when it was popular. However, when I […]
Book Review: Pioneers of Digital
Where was this book when I was in grad school? Pioneers of Digital (Paul Springer and Mel Carson) is a collection of 20 interviews and case studies looking at the founders of digital marketing, the ones who did it by design and those by accident. In grad school one of my assignments required analyzing a case […]
This Valentine’s Day, All You Need is … Evernote Market
This week is Valentine’s Day. That day of the year filled with cheap chocolates, hard-to-get dinner reservations, and women in the office comparing the size of their bouquets. It’s a great sales opportunity, but what do you do if your product isn’t all hearts and cherubs? Last week I received a Valentine’s Day promotion email […]
Book Review: The Year Without Pants
I’m not sure if it was a blessing or a curse to read The Year Without Pants reviews on GoodReads while mid-read. The reviews are mixed. Many hate the book. Some love it. I’m not sure how many get it. The Year Without Pants isn’t your typical business book. Author Scott Burkun wondered if he […]