What’s your ROI?
My first marketing lecturer, Dr Mario Miranda, taught me the relationship between price and quality. His example was a Waterman pen versus a Bic disposable. While my tastes are more Mont Blanc, the premise stands. Why do we choose Apple, Nordstrom and Mercedes Benz? Why don’t we apply the same premise to ourselves? What’s your […]
Book Review: Digital Branding
Digital Branding by Daniel Rowles is exactly the digital marketing book I would write. It’s current, relevant, very practical, honest, and topical. Perhaps a little too much so. I can see some “old-timers” being intimidated by the practices Rowles demands. The book is divided in three parts. The first is an introduction to digital branding […]
My Content Curation Process
Do you ever wonder how content curation occurs for social media? You’re not alone, I’m frequently asked what my process is and what tools I use. To be honest, it’s a bit messy and manual, and probably not the most efficient. I should probably describe the type of content curation I do, and for whom. […]