Have you ever experienced an event disaster?
You know those events when it’s really a case of Murphy’s Law? Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. It’s a total event disaster. Recently I had my first. I’ve had some major mess ups during events, all the allocated seating mixed up for a very high profile speaker comes to mind. But none where […]
Book Review: Understanding Digital Marketing
When I started Understanding Digital Marketing by Damien Ryan I thought it was a text book. It has 399 pages and multiple editions. The Kindle edition was 15% in before I realized it’s a very long business book. What makes Understanding Digital Marketing so long? It’s detailed and includes all digital marketing tools. I was […]
Dumb Ways to Die – Metro Sells Out
Picture this. You develop an incredibly successful PSA campaign for a client. Then two years later the client sells the creative to a company in a different industry overseas. It would never happen. I’m sure that’s what McCann was thinking until last night, Seattle time. Metro Trains, the client for Dumb Ways to Die has […]
Are you ready for #HootUpSEA?
What do HUG, MUG and #HootUpSEA have in common? They’re all user groups. What’s this? You haven’t heard of #HootUpSEA? That’s because it’s new. The Seattle HootSuite users and friends are having their first user event, or as well call it, #HootUp. It’s also my first public activity as a HootSuite Ambassador for North America. […]