Book Review: Dataclysm
Did you hear? Dating site, OKCupid has lied to you; just to see what happens. This headline hit just days after Facebook tried publishing user behavior research in an academic journal. What the journalists seem to have missed was that OKCupid’s co-founder and President Christian Rudder wrote the blog post about some of their findings […]
What’s your customer service strategy?
When I started my first customer service job in 1994 it was easy. If a customer had a complaint they called or dropped by. Occasionally they wrote a letter. Sure the grumpy ones told their friends over the garden fence, but that was just the neighbor. That was 1994. Now it’s 2014. Brian Solis recently […]
Hootsuite University – Six Months Later
In 2016 Hootsuite replaced the Hootsuite University certification with the Hootsuite Platform Certificate. One of the most popular pages on here is the post announcing my Hootsuite University certification. Understandably people want to check it before pulling out their credit card. I know I did. Was Hootsuite University Worth It? The short answer is yes. […]
Book Review: Human to Human
There was nothing profound in Human to Human: #H2H. There was nothing even new, and that’s the way it should be. Human to Human: #H2H by Bryan Kramer is the hot business book of the summer. For the few of you who haven’t heard about Human to Human or seen the #H2H tweets, it’s a […]