Book Review: Believe Me
Back into the archives for today’s book review. Believe Me by Michael Margolis is his 2009 storytelling manifesto. I know – 2009, and it’s now the end of 2014. I’m very slow getting to this. I even got it in May. Holidays are a great time for catching up, and luckily stories have been around […]
Book Review: FMCG: The Power of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
This book will save students a lot of time. FMCG: The Power of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods by Greg Thain and John Bradley tells the histories of nearly 30 FMCG companies. I originally used the word stories, but these are old, established companies and we discover their origins. The recent developments section goes back to 2004; it’s […]
Hootsuite Ambassador’s Favorite Business Books for 2014
Are you looking for some holiday reading? The Hootsuite Ambassadors have come to the rescue with their favorite business books for 2014. What can be better than a team of talented social media types curate a list for you? Looking for even more business book recommendations? Check out the full list below in the link […]
Book Review: Targeted
I told a friend I was reading Targeted by Mike Smith. She asked “how could you write a book on SEM? Search engine marketing moves too fast”. She’s right. Targeted was a NetGalley offering I pounced on. Targeting has been a marketing game changer in the last ten years, and something we’re still trying to […]
WestJet Owns Christmas… Again
On the weekend I told my Canadian best friend to get me a job with WestJet. I was half-joking and it was my way of saying that they do amazing marketing. This morning I woke to see WestJet has taken their campaign from 2013 Christmas and made it better. Did you see last year’s campaign? The […]
Who Controls Our Motivation?
“Along the way, we’ve come to believe that external motivation is the key to our success. That we need to be part of a degree program or a sales contest or have a boss looking over our shoulder to do our best work, to push us. Of course, we were taught this by the marketers, […]