How To: WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast
The WordPress blog has been built, or maybe you inherited it. You were told it’s search engine optimized. Great! Then you’re ready for your first post. You hit Add New post, scroll down and see… This box is part of the WordPress SEO plugin by a company called Yoast. It tells Google, Bing, and the […]
Interview with a Marketer: Nelle Baird
Nelle Baird runs MP Cheap Fruit and Veg – one of Australia’s first produce subscription box services. We’re honored to have her join us for our first Interview with a Marketer. This is a new monthly series and we invite you to nominate a marketer for upcoming interviews. But, now let’s chat with Nelle. You’re […]
Book Review: Got Social Mediology?
What’s with the great marketing books early in the year? Last year had the Bright Idea Box and Brand EsSense. This year we have Got Social Mediology? by Jay Izso. Maybe I loved Got Social Mediology? because Jay is a business consultant AND psychology teacher. This book is 70% social media marketing and 30% psychology, […]
Australia’s 10 Most Complained About Ads for 2014
We all have New Years traditions, one of mine is a little nerdy. I love the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau‘s annual list of most complained about ads. If you’re not familiar with the Advertising Standards Bureau, it’s an industry body that self-regulates advertising in Australia. It looks at the content to see if the claims […]